Monday, April 7, 2014

Knee Recovery Week 5

Dynamic Core Stability.

My PT has been unleashing an arsenal of core stability exercises, and has suggested that I start to run for 15 minutes at a time. If my knee has any regression, then I take the following day(s) off until it is solid.

The running has been entirely pain free, and there was only a day that I woke up with what seemed like hitch in my step at first.

Making progress!

Here's a full article about what I'm doing:

Monday, March 31, 2014

Knee Recovery Week 4 .. making great strides!

I've ran a few times, about 25 yards at a time, but I continue to use the elliptical. My longest elliptical session to date has been 30 minutes for 2 miles, climbing 3000ft, and it felt glorious.. I hadn't worked up that much of a sweat in a very long time!

My range of motion is back to where it was before surgery, and I've got almost no swelling. I do continue to get some soreness if I sit with my knee fully bent for extended periods of time.. I do have a little bit of pain first thing in the morning, and my knee is a little stiff at first.. otherwise, I'm pain free.

Joe understands my goal of finishing Pine to Palm, and he's nothing but confident that he can help address my running mechanics and efficiency to set me up for success. I've got a couple of new stretches, and I'm replacing my old PT exercises for very specific exercises to dial in my core and glute strength.

A few of my new PT exercises are freakishly tough, although you might not realize it by looking at my position while doing them. I'm feeling fatigue deep in my core, and my glutes are sore in new/different places than what the leg lifts were causing. Change is good.. I'm getting stronger.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Knee Recovery Week 3.. pulled out of Mac Forest 50k

I've got no limp, my knee does hurt a little first thing in the morning or if I'm sitting with a fully bent knee for a long period of time. I've continued the elliptical, PT exercises, and icing/elevating.. I'm still walking a mile a day.

I decided to schedule some PT with Joe Uhan, at Transegrity Physical Therapy, down in Eugene. What I know about Joe makes me confident that he can help me to get on with fixing my running gait and posture. Joe is a physical therapist who specializes in running biomechanics, and he's an elite ultramarathoner, a rare combination and exactly the person I want to set me up for success. Because I'm not running yet, we do a walking gait analysis which gives Joe some hints as to what to address. My left hip seems to rotate forward and inside, and my right foot is angled outward quite a bit more than my left. The right foot angle might not be as important as the left hip is and so we focus on the hip alignment and flexibility.

I've pulled out of the Mac Forest 50k, it just isn't going to be possible for my knee to be right and ready for that course in time. So instead of just sitting on the sideline, or getting upset with the situation, Wendie and I decided to offer our time as volunteers at the race. The ultrarunning community is chalk full of really cool folks, and the Mac Forest 50k is a big deal in our city and something that will be fun to be part of as a volunteer. Looks like maybe next year I'll have another shot at checking this one off my bucket list.